Saturday, 13 December 2008

Still Driver Training At S And K In Lethbridge

On Thursday we had a visit from Kerry of 'professional tourists', she was kind enough to come to the hotel and meet me and Inga whilst Mick was out driving.
She gave us a lot of useful information and advice whilst we were drinking lots of coffee.
Mick snapped this little picture of us when he met us at Timmies, it's not a very good one I'm afraid.
Thanks again Kerry it was a pleasure to meet you, hope we meet up again soon. Enjoy your visit back to UK at Christmas.

Congratulations to Wolf who passed his test yesterday, he has been training in the Volvo below. Mick has been training in a Freightliner and hopefully he will be doing his test next week.

The weekend arrived early yesterday as Mick finished his training around lunchtime so we had a walk to the Mall and had a chill out in our room.

We met up with Wolf in the early evening and then I went to Ingas room to see if she wanted to join us for some food in the bar area which she did, and one of the boys behind the bar was kind enough to take a photograph of us and even Jay and Nathan (nice lads) from the hotel managed to get in on the act.


highway to hell said...

Hiya,Kerry again.
Well it looks like Jim and Javi won't be back til next friday or saturday,they've had to take a load to Toronto. So i may see you next week sometime. Will arrange with Inga when I'll see her next. Really bad weather today,anyways have fun.Hope to see you soon.

mickfly said...

Oi Cath, Wolf was training in a KW, not the Volvo lol.

Inga Encinas said...

Camera doesn't love me :((

didster7 said...

glad to see you are enjoying yourself,i take it the people you have met up with you have only met through the internet, its nice to see they have come to see you in person. mick good luck for the test next week.


wolf said...

Lovly photo of Volvo and me Cath but the old one ( lol ) is right it was the Kenworth I trained in with Bruce Almighty. Mick has a photo of the Kenworth and me but as we say " the truck looks good but I look like I have shit myself lol.....

Cath said...

Thanks for the comment Wolf. Good luck on your mentor trip. Hope you keep in touch with us.

Cath said...

Inga sorry about the photo, I know it does not do you justice, forgive me xx

Cath said...

Hello Didster
yes, we have met them all through the internet, I can honestly say they have all been brilliant, and we hope we can keep in touch with them all.
Thanks for your comment.