Thursday, 3 May 2012

Accelerated Labour Market Opinion Program Announced Today - Canadavisa News

Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) announced today plans for a new Accelerated Labour Market Opinion (A-LMO) initiative. This initiative is effective from 25 April 2012.
In order to hire a temporary foreign worker, a Canadian employer is usually required to first apply for and receive a positive Labour Market Opinion. However, processing times for these Opinions have risen in recent months as provincial offices work hard to reduce backlogs.
The A-LMO presents an option for some employers to circumvent these long processing times. In order for an employer to be eligible for the A-LMO process, they must:
  • Have been issued at least one positive LMO in the previous two years;
  • Have a clean record of compliance with the LMO program within the last two years;
  • Not have been the subject of an investigation, infraction, or serious complaint; and
  • Not have any unresolved violations or contraventions under provincial laws governing employment and recruitment
Employers who qualify for and submit an application to the new A-LMO process can expect to receive an Opinion within 10 business days.
 Accelerated Labour Market Opinion Program Announced Today - Canadavisa News


Nick Brown said...

Well as you know Mick - I've just moved to New Brunswick. I gotta say, a positive LMO arrived within the week. Was seriously impressed! Hope your having fun back in blighty matey!!

Mick said...

Yes Nick, having fun in blighty, good luck with the new job.