Monday, 16 July 2012

Metropolis, home of Superman.

We did the day-tripper bit today whilst waiting for our Sunday driving curfew to finish. Taking a drive across the state line from Paducha to Metropolis. It's a very small, quiet town, more like Smallville than the big city where Superman was born, but it does have a giant statue of the Super Hero there, and when we arrived there were a few folks milling around and taking shots of it, but it was still pretty empty for a 'tourist' town.

Giant Superman statue in Metropolis, Illinois.

There’s a well-known casino river boat and hotel at the bottom of the town on the river, but we had a walk around town in 34 degree heat instead, taking a look at the various comic book related attractions, although the Hollywood Museum was closed.
Like Paducha, there are murals around town, and one which drew our attention was of the Fire Service painted by Lady Van Tiger featuring an old fire engine in the central panel.
Mural in Metropolis
Detail of Mural

The painting was on the same street as the Fire House and as we walked past we saw that the same engine was inside, so I went in an asked if I could take a look.

Built 1926, retired in the 60's and restored.

The guy there was very obliging and after we’d had  a look we asked if we could buy a Tee for our son who is a Fireman in England.

A willing model, note the Superman insignia.

They sell their shirts in aid of the Muscular Dystrophy Association, so we were happy to take one, and they are unique as they feature Superman (with permission from DC comics).

Keep awake Cath.
Fire House

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