Friday, 28 November 2008

Leaving do, and Reindeer poo!

Well, I've been a busy bee lately.

We went to meet Tony T and his wife Jill (pictured on the left) on Sunday, they had been to Leeds for the New Zealand Expo, so we met them at Frankie and Benny's in Birstal for a drink afterwards.
It was good to meet them and we talked about what they are deciding to do in the future , and about us going to Canada. Tony's brother is already a long haul trucker in Canada, so they mey even end up there, but they are a very nice couple and we both wish them all the best for the future wherever they get to.

Monday was my last day at work which was sad, as I have been at WA Shearings for three and a half years and I have been very happy there.
I had a great boss and great work colleagues who have all become friends and I would not have left my job if I had not been going with Mick to travel North America.
On Thursday evening I went out for a meal with my friends from work, we had a very pleasant evening and here's a picture of all the silly things they bought me as an "emergency kit" for Canada.

A lot of thought went into it, so, thanks to Paul and the girls, you brought a smile and a tear to my face.

It wasn't just silly stuff like hand warmers and reindeer Poo, they also bought me a beautiful wristwatch

It was Micks last day at work today, he has been there for over 10 years, and he will be sad to leave his colleague 'Jimmy G' behind, and also the lads at Redhead International.

Mick has also been speaking to 'Wolf', he is on the same flight as us so it will be good to meet him, and I think we will have a good old chat and laugh on that flight.
Wolf also sent Mick a picture of himself playing in the snow on a fertiliser bag (hope you did not twist your ankle too badly lol).
If any of our mates are reading this, and don't have our Skype/MSN details, just leave a comment and I'll let you have them because you know Mick is too tight to use the phone.


George A said...
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Cath said...

Hi George,
Thanks for the comment, but I deleted it in case you didn't want your personal contact details made public.
Hope to see you when we get there.

wolf said...

Mick&Cath hope you are both well , only 1.5 days to alot better thanks lol lol still got a limp but fine..over the past few days I have had some friends round from a far as Inverness for a few beers(lots of beer)all good fun...the temp outside on Saturday morning was -15 Sunday morning was -7 and now this morning was +3 weather s gone mad lol..Well early start for me on Wed morning 0500 get picked up by a mate who has got some meetings in Glasgow so that great for me , fly down to Gatwick for the long wait ( 2 hours to wait for you guys)the rest will go fast as we will be all together, do you know who the 3rd driver is??????he may find us(H&R hats would give it away)and in bar(not pissed)...Looking farward to meeting you 2...see you soon..


Cath said...

Hi Wolf
I have just got myself out of bed, we had a family do yesterday,so feeling a bit fragile.
Do not know who the other driver is but we are wondering if it Javi, as i know he is on his way shortly.
see You Soon

Javi said...

Hahahaha...I´m the misterious passenger!!!.

I´ll arrive in Gatwick from Barcelona early in the morning.
I´ve received the confirmation a few minutes ago!.
We´ve been trying to find a comfortable way to bring my cat(as the rules in the UK are not too pet friendly), so finally me and my wife have taken diferent flights.
She goes with the cat with another company, and I fly with you, guys!!.

This is going to be really funny!, hahaha...

See you after tomorrow, then!