Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Pharr, Texas

We picked up our load on Monday which is two drops, one going to Odessa TX, then on to Pharr TX, on the Mexican border, where we hope to be finished before Friday evening, so we can run over the Christmas weekend to wherever they send us.

View from the office door.
I've also added a couple of new links to the sidebar of other drivers including one in Ireland (Luke) who travels all over Europe and also does video diaries. The dead links ill be removed soon, unless they get updated, which I doubt.

Near Sheridan Wyoming.
News from home is not so good, with my Mum in hospital after a fall, which makes us realise how far away we are, and also bad news from a friend in Iowa, and bad news from a friend in Holland. Life can be pretty crappy, but although we feel privileged to be here and healthy, and our thoughts and prayers are with them.

Cath being artistic.
Not sure if we'll get internet much on the rest of the journey down to Texas, but we're not chasing (the internet) it and will stop overnight wherever it is suitable, although I am posting this from the Flying J in Cheyenne where we have both just had a nice shower after realising that if you ask for a 'team' shower they give you two, but only deduct one from your loyalty card.


Dave Caldwell said...

A great read as always. My dad was taken into hospital last week with chest pains, back home now and everything ok but like you say it does make you realise and also makes you feel so helpless even when there is nothing you could do if you were there. Our thoughts are with you.
Take care you two

Mick said...

Thanks Dave, it's not the being here that seems a long way from the UK, it's when you are on the road and it would take three days just to get back to base, never mind having to get back to the UK. Hope your dad is doing ok mate. Have a groovy Christmas!

michael mc garry said...

Well folks, hope you are getting on ok. Glad to see the blog back open, I am sorry to have missed you before I left for home. I hop you both have an excellent Xmas and New year, all the best.

Garvs11 said...

Mick,with regarding the team showers etc if you use the piolt/flyingj card in the machine and swipe for one shower as it wont let you do a team one (it tells you to go to the counter) if you immediately swipe it again it will do another shower without taking it of your card.Found this handy at sites that wouldnt do team showers and where there were big queues at the counter.Also not sure if you are on to this one if your filling more than 100 gallons as well,stop pumping fuel after 51 gallons then restart it again and you wil get 2 showers instead of one can be a little bit of a pain but worth the hassle you can never have enough shower tokens.Drive safe mucker and have a great christmas

Anonymous said...

Hi you 2,
If we don't here from you b4 the weekend, enjoy your Christmas where ever you are.
Nice read & Snaps.

Love Tony & Jill T xxx

Mick said...

Hi Mick, hope you are having a great Christmas break back in Irelans, and we'll try to leave some work for you when you get back LOL.

Dom, I tried the 51 gallon thing, but the staff assure me that it's one shower per visit however much you put in, so I just put 50 in each time.
Drive safe yourself and enjoy Christmas amte.

Garvs11 said...

Hi Mick yep thats what they said to me but i used to do it all the time it had to be 51 gallons or over though or over 25 for half a shower it all depends on if you can be bothered i liked 2 showers a day so i caould never have enough, give it a try.Happy christmas mucker