Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Houston, not so dodgy after all.

Well there were a few pan handlers and polishing crews in the Flying J, but nothing to make us feel unsafe, and we had a nice quiet night there.

The plant where we were picking up was just across the street, so after a truck/trailer wash at the Blue Beacon next door, we went to load at 8am local time.

It took them 3 hrs get their fingers out and load four tyres, but they did apologise for keeping us waiting.
We have 12' 4's so will need  a pilot car to cross Oklahoma, but we can run solo everywhere else, although we have to shut down half hour after sunset everywhere along the route back, except when we cross into Canada.

We managed to get to Wichita Falls, Texas today before we ran out of daylight running time, and picked up the OS permit for Oklahoma which the boss had faxed forward to the truckstop, and we hope to get to Aurora Colorado tomorrow.


Anonymous said...


Glad to see your back in Canada, I read all your old posts as my friend worked for your previous company - for a while...

Best Wishes

Mick said...

... for a while? You know the score with them then!