Monday, 26 January 2009

Rolling, sort of!

The rental truck was fixed, and the trailer had been taken to SF by another driver, so we were dispatched to Salt Lake City to pick up an empty trailer for loading in Los Angeles.

This is in Montana.

Great Falls Diner.

Whilst we were waiting in Great Falls for the rental to be repaired we took a walk into town and back over the Missouri River, which as you can see was still partly frozen over.
Plenty of birds here.

Great slabs of ice everywhere.

This is an old converted railway station which has disgusting toilets.

Tiled Sign.

Court House Great Falls, MT.

The bronze doors below are from St Ann's Cathedral in Great Falls.
St. Ann's Cathedral, Great Falls, MT, USA.

This house was just opposite the beautiful Cathedral of St Ann's, and Mick wanted to put a deposit down on it if!

The rest of the journey was a bit of a pain, with more vehicle/trailer problems etc. but it was simply bad luck, and nothing to do with the company.
The scenery was stunning and I will be posting some more pictures later which I snapped from the window as we travelled down and back.
We are currently in the hotel in Canada again, waiting for a truck to be allocated to us so we can get Stateside again (where the motive power is needed).

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Anonymous said...

Hi to you both, hope you are enjoying the travelling, great photos. Clare

Rosie said...

don't worry we had a crappy time with breakdowns just before chistmas lol, let us know when u get your own truck and we'll look out for you and mick on the road.
drive safe

mickfly said...

Hey Clare,
Thanks, we are enjoying the great scenery, but haven't seen or heard from Wolf for a while, but we don't have the Net10 phone which him and Kelvin use.
I bet you can't wait now eh?
Mick and Cath.

mickfly said...

Hi Rosie,
We know you had probs recently and we know some stuff can't be avoided.
Cath will probably post a pic of the truck we get allocated, and we hope to meet up at some point.
Take care.

Clare said...

Hi, 15 sleeps to go lol, he emailed on Saturday to say he was going to LA but I have not spoken to him for a week which is really hard but I know he will phone when he can. I arrive on the 11 Feb and can't wait.

Cath said...

Hi Clare, Mick spoke to Gid last night, he woke him up as he had gone to bed, he seems fine. You will soon be here Clare, hope we are around when you get here, we are supposed to be going out tomorrow on a trip, we will see, nothing is certain.
Bye For Now
Cath x

Anonymous said...