Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Icy Lethbridge

Another short post due to time and internet restraints.

We have just returned from our third consecutive run across the beautiful Rocky Mountains of BC and Alberta, and are currently having a reset in Lethbridge, where we managed to meet Wolfs wife Clare and go for a nice meal with them both last night.

They also took us out for a spin to Taber where they are hoping to settle eventually, and it gave Mick a chance to chill out after 1800 miles of hard mountain driving.

View from the Sandman yesterday

Rockies on a clear day.

Gid (Wolf) and Mick having lunch in a Taber Deli.

The lovely Clare, and Wolf

Hopefully my next post will be a bit more informative, and I will have a nice story about Micks ancestors home in Port Moody which we visited.


Tony T said...

Hi u 2 again.
Nice snaps i c...


Anonymous said...

Hi Cath and Mick thanks for the evening it was great and I hope you will be around for our house warming. Clare

Rosie said...

beautiful piccies of the rockies
stay safe x

Palyniam said...

bloody hell mick....your driving days are making you grey bro.

take care