Friday, 6 February 2009

Wot no posts?

Now I see why the trucking bloggers here in North America sometimes don't post for a while as it's sometimes a bit difficult to get time for the internet!
Post to follow...

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Tony T said...

Hello Cath & Mick,
Thx for the comment on the Dog being a seal, What do u mean anyway She's not a Cocker Spanial.
She is a Seal called Salty LOL.
How the devil r u2 ?
Hope to speak soon on Skype again to catch up on ur journey, did u get my email ref:- John ur old neighbour who now lives in Bridlington ?

Down in Redditch loading for Goole as i type & this week we have had a lot of the white stuff here causing some right hassle on the roads.

Bye for now take care,
Tony T