Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year.

A Happy New Year to our friends and family, near and far, and the new addition from Gareth and Lyndsey, Seth Emmett.

We had a good run up from Houston with our reload of tyres, but were constantly chasing the time, due to the holiday curfew in Montana. The curfew in Montana started half an hour after sunset on Friday, which meant we had to cross the border by 5.08pm otherwise we would be shut down until Tuesday morning.

We arrived at the Canadian border window at exactly 5.08pm and sailed through without any problems.
There is a Government scale just north of the border, which is always open and we went through there with no problem also.

Then... a short way up the road we were pulled over by the cop from the scale, who had followed us. I had forgotten to slide my extending lights out from the side of the trailer as it had got fully dark, and it cost me a $230 fine after a level 2 inspection at the side of the highway.

Although I was completely at fault, it would have been much fairer to give me the light at the scale to come inside, where they could have simply reminded me to pull out the lights before I left the scale.

A great New Years at the Leasks in Medicine Hat with their friends, starting at the Captains Cabin in town, where I was the only civilian in a pub full of squadies, and ex squadies. Great fun, seeing in the New Year there at 5pm, then back to the house to see in the Canadian New Year, with a few drinks and some fireworks for the (big) kids.


Tony T said...

Nice one Mick N Cath,

Glad to hear you made to your friend's for the New Year just a pitty about the fine oooops..

All the best TT n JT.

Mick said...

Hi Tony, Happy New Year to you two too. The fine was for stupidity, but a lesson learned.
Drive safe.